Privacy policy




Your personal information will not be shared with third parties

Laomedeia Limited (the managing company) is committed to protecting your personal information. This privacy statement tells you how we handle your personal information. You can take action in case you do not want to receive certain information.


Customer data

To give you access to certain services, the company requires some information to be able to identify you. With this information we are able to provide account services when you login to our website and link your information to invoices. This includes your name, address, phone number and e-mail. The company uses this information to send a download link for products purchased and issue invoices. You should be fully aware that if you push a Facebook button on our website, data is sent to Facebook. This is entirely at your own risk and responsibility.


Login name and password

Your e-mail address, login name and password provide your key to access information, services and products on our website. You can choose your own login name and your own password. The managing company has no access to your password. In case you have lost your password, you can click the link ' forgot password ' in the login screen. The automated software then immediately sends a new password to you by e-mail.


Your personal information

After you complete registration, the personal details provided belong to the managing company. The Company records personal data only for the purpose of execution of purchase agreements, general information and services or products the managing company provides. The managing company will never share your details with third parties.



This website uses e-tracker technology ( by which anonymous data is collected and saved for marketing and optimization purposes. All visitor data is saved using an anonymous user ID to aggregate a usage profile. Cookies may be used to collect and save this data, but the data is not personally identifiable. The data will not be used to identify a visitor personally and is not aggregated with any personal data. The collection and storage of data may be refused at any time, with effect for the future.


What can you do, if you do not want to receive certain information?

If you prefer not to receive product information or information regarding new services, you must communicate accordingly in writing to the managing company at the following address:

Laomedeia Limited

Communications and Marketing department

Veenderveld 56

2371 TW Roelofarendsveen




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