Specialist Financial Market Research

The likelihood of recurring events is an aspect used in technical and fundamental analysis. Consistently recurring events are key ingredients of the mathematics behind chaos theory. The beauty of this action taking place simultaneously on multiple distinct layers is mind blowing. As a reader of research resulting from dynamic chaos theory mathematics, your mindset has to allow for an innovative concept regarding analyzing price action in financial markets. This concept is based on key characteristics of complex polynomials, not on generally accepted economic or supply and demand criteria.

Objectives for developing a different perspective were to reduce subjectivity and increase transparency. It turns out this mathematical approach can be used complementarily to existing fundamental, technical or systematic strategies. Benefits are improved risk management and increased transparency, while subjectivity is a fraction of original levels. As time dependent price-targets are amazingly accurate, this market research provides objective input to establish “Good Investment Practices”.

Laomedeia represents transparency and leadership, both qualifications are inherently linked to one of the fifty daughters of Neptune in Greek mythology. Transparency has been thoroughly embedded into our financial market research with uniquely numbered price targets, allowing objective verification of our research accuracy. Leadership in the financial niche research arena is part of our strategy, enabled by the basic building blocks for market behavior, as part of dynamic chaos theory mathematics. Please visit our website: https://www.laomedeia.com

A description of chaos theory mathematics and the resulting specialist research can be found in recent SeekingAlpha publications.

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