Niche Financial Market Research

What would happen when generally accepted drivers for price action in financial markets (e.g. macro economy, company results, supply and demand) are replaced by a concept well known in Physics? It turns out that analysis based on physics provides a reliable explanation for price behavior in financial markets. Laomedeia applies complex polynomials to analyse financial markets and offers a variety of market research products (Indices, Stock, Commodities, Currencies and Bonds). Our market research has the following characteristics:

  1. Reduced subjective market interpretation,
  2. Increased transparency through an on-going audit trail,
  3. Amazing accuracy

Reduced subjective interpretation and increased transparency due to an inclusive audit trail in all research issued by Laomedeia makes our research fully compliant with MiFID II. As a reader of our research, your mindset has to allow for a different concept for analyzing price action in financial marketsLaomedeia applies Chaos Theory mathematics to analyse financial markets. By using complex quadratic polynomials, we developed an analysis method to define accurate price targets based upon key characteristics of Julia sets.

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